Domain re-hosting (website, domain, mailstore)

As well as personal computer work, I do work for businesses too.
The customer was using a USA webhosting provider, and had domain registration, website, and email storage with them. They wanted to migrate to a UK-based provider (better support, and in this case lower costs per year too)

These are the steps I took to effect the migration…

  • Chose a suitable provider, and sign up for a hosting package with them
  • Backup the website data
  • Move the email data to another [temporary] server
  • Setup forwarding of incoming emails (so we don’t lose any data during the switch-over period)
  • Load the website data onto the new servers
  • Perform the domain transfer, and wait for DNS records to propagate
  • Move the email data onto the new server
  • Setup webmail on PC and smartphone
  • Test everything
  • Cancel the subscription on the old provider

We have plans to convert the HTML website to a WordPress-powered site too, and will be discussing that with the customer next week

Sorry there are no photos, it’s not that type of work!