Faulty PC motherboard components replaced

Just some of the computer work I do in my home town of Battle, occasionally further afield. With over 25 years in the IT industry I can’t list everything ūüôā

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Examples of my previous work can be found here
I have fixed pricing for some jobs

  • Slow computers / Tune-up. There are many causes of slowness, for example adware/viruses, problems with Windows Updates, damaged or failing hard disks, or just a computer that’s been neglected over the years. They are all fix-able!
  • Tablets and Smartphones (cracked screens, dead batteries, broken buttons)
  • WiFi (wireless) problems; poor signal range, interference from neighbouring signals, etc.
  • Replacing noisy fans
  • Windows re-installations (often the most effective way of dealing with a computer that has many problems)
  • Data recovery, moving information from one computer to another. I can even do this if your old computer is broken and won’t start up


    Broken laptop power connector fixed

  • Broken laptop screens, keyboards, power connectors, batteries, etc
  • Problems with printers, scanners, etc. Setting up wireless and networked printers.
  • Cabling, networking, internet & wireless setup
  • Training on a one-to-one basis for most subjects; General computer guidance for Windows, Mac and Linux. Using tablets, making good backups, best practices for storing and organising files, Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets, Cloud storage (Google docs, OneDrive, etc), Google Analytics, Inkscape, GIMP, Scribus, Email, and more.
  • Spreadsheets are a great way of getting the most from your data, if set up for your personal requirements. For example they can reveal trends in say household expenses. Spreadsheets can be a bit daunting, but once set up they are easy to maintain and use.
  • Linux (choosing it, installing it,¬† using it, fixing it, etc)
  • Apple Macs; In September 2016 I bought a second-hand Mac for myself so that can learn about them and how to fix them. So far¬†I’ve installed printers,¬†fixed problems with¬†Apple mail, iPhone and iTunes integration, fixed¬†power / charging / startup problems, and removed viruses. If the the problem can’t be¬†fixed then there will be no charge, and if I think an Apple expert could have done the job in half the time then I will reduce my prices accordingly, which I think is fair!
  • 1066cc_frontscreen_example

    Website for a local cycling club

    Website creation and upkeep. Extensive knowledge of WordPress and HTML, plus some Joomla experience. If your current website is costing you more than £30/year then give me a call

  • Making backups, organising your information, Cloud storage (Google Docs, OneDrive, iCloud, etc)
  • As well as computing in the home, I have many years experience in commercial environments (servers, networking, cabling, upgrades and installations, data migration, system administration, etc)
  • Design work, for example creating logos, photo manipulation, some magazine production, posters.
  • As well as computer repairs, I will also repair games consoles (Playstation, XBox, etc), and other electronic devices
  • Copying VHS video tapes to DVD


There are a few things I don’t do…

  • Data recovery from hard drives which are very badly damaged, as this requires specialist tools and a ultra-clean environment which I don’t have access to.
    Having said that please contact me and describe the problem, as there’s a wide range of problems which have similar symptoms.¬† Disks that power-up and can be heard spinning (without being excessively noisy) can normally be rescued.¬†¬†If you suspect you have a disk that’s damaged then stop using the computer and get it looked at RIGHT NOW because the next time you turn it on it may not work at all, as a faulty disk can degrade very quickly! Signs of a failing hard drive are that it makes¬†ticking/clicking/clonking noises, and the computer will probably be slower than usual.