Dutch bike converted to dérailleur gears

ASAM_3581 Dutch bike which came in for a service. The owner wanted it working quickly, but the 7-speed hub gears had unknown problems and the only way I could achieve a quick turnaround was to service the bike and convert it temporarily to dérailleur-style gears.
For the full service and two new Schwalbe puncture-resistant tyres I charged £55


To replicate the wide gear range achievable with the 7-speed hub (about 300%), a custom cassette was built up using 34, 26, 20, and 13-tooth rings (with 44 teeth on the chainring). Although only having 4 gears, when married up with an indexed click-shifter it all worked surprisingly well !

With the bike back with it’s owner, I can now start to investigate the problems with the hub. I have a feeling it’s just the shifter cable which is causing the problems but I’ll still be servicing the hub itself purely because I’ve never done that before