Windows 10 training at home

Dissatisfied with the service she had received a Currys, the lady turned to me to set up her laptop as she wanted, and for a bit of training/explanation.

The topics we covered were:

  • Using Windows Mail to access the mail inbox that her ISP had created, instead of having to log in via the ISP’s wemail link. (She had previously used Outlook Express, which is now known as Windows Mail). A bit of set-up needed. Did you know that if you have several email addresses then you can access them ALL from one email application, there’s no need to log onto each one individually.
  • Setting the Start-up and Home pages in ‘Edge’ (Microsoft’s new browser for Windows 10)
  • Folder structure for Photos, Documents, etc on Windows 10, the many ways of accessing your information.
  • Explaining how Junk/spam filtering works, how to mark email items as spam (and when not to!). Differences between Junk and Deleted items.
  • Explaining how to use Favourites/Bookmarks
  • Currys had created a Microsoft account, but had written down the wrong password, so we went through the password recovery procedure to get this working again.
  • Once the Microsoft login had been fixed (see above), we could use the Windows Apps Store to install some free games
  • Setting up Microsoft Onedrive, explaining the principles of it, and how to use it. With many years worth of photos it’s a wise move to have some sort of backup (where previously there was none)

I charged £25 for 2½ hours work, I did not charge for travel because the property was on the way to another job I was going to.