Pricing is simple; I charge for my time, the materials used, and travel cost
There is no callout fee, no VAT, no extra charges for weekend/evening work
Free estimates, and a no-fix-no-fee policy (which has happened a few times)

My time is charged at between £10 and £15 per hour. I’ll always charge what I think is fair. I have fixed prices for some work

Materials are charged at cost price, plus a delivery charge if there is one. Where appropriate I can use second hand materials and parts to reduce costs. Parts can sometimes be sourced cheaper from overseas if you can afford to wait a while

Travel is charged at £1/mile, measured from Battle to your house.
If it’s reasonably possible for me to walk or cycle to you, then there is no travel charge

Fixed prices for computer work (excluding travel and cost of parts)

  • Laptop screen replacement £15
  • Laptop keyboard replacement £10
  • Laptop battery replacement £5-£10 depending on model
  • Phone and Tablet screens replaced £15
  • Setting up your new laptop/desktop/tablet usually takes an hour, so £15  (connecting to WiFi, setting up printers, configuring backups and/or cloud storage, email setup, getting data from old computers, etc)
  • Password problems are usually resolved within an hour, so £10
  • Tune-up and virus removal if the computer is bought to me £15. The reason I mention this is that the process often takes several hours to complete, but I don’t need to sit in front of it for that time!
    When it’s not possible to bring the computer in to me then it’s still possible, as I have been at client’s houses for hours at a time, and if you feed me tea and biscuits I’m very reasonable 🙂
    In some rare occasions a slow computer is caused by a faulty hard drive (a clicking or ticking noise is an indicator of this) in which case a new disk (£20 upwards) will also be needed

As far as parts are concerned, I’ve found that typically prices are as follows:

  • Laptop screens £30 – £50
  • Laptop batteries £10 – £25
  • Hard drives from £20
  • Phone screens £10 – £40
  • Tablet batteries £10 – £20
  • I usually keep 16GB USB memory sticks for £5 each (good for backups)

Fixed prices for bicycle work (excluding travel and cost of parts)

Full service £40
Pedal service £10 for both sides (strip, check, re-grease, re-assemble)
Puncture repair £5
Front wheel service £10 (strip/clean/check/re-grease/reassemble/truing)
Rear wheel service £15 (strip/clean/check/re-grease/reassemble/truing)
Brake blocks/pads fitted, front and rear, with wheel truing £10