If you’ve arrived here from another website (Google Maps, CafeNetwork, etc) then please note that I don’t run a bicycle shop, I simply repair and service bicycles.

Here are some of the services I provide. For some work I have fixed prices. Examples of my previous work can be found here. Please contact me if you don’t see what you’re looking for, I’m always up for a challenge!

  • Most of my work is on individual bike parts, e.g. broken parts, poor brakes, gears that don’t work smoothly. When these are fixed I will perform a quick safety check of the whole bike. Any quick adjustments will be made (brake blocks, gear trimming, etc), and I’ll let you know if there are larger things that need attention (worn tyres, slipping gears, etc)
  • As well as in the workshop, I can also do most repairs and service work at your premises.
    While I do hold a stock of basic parts, the mobile service isn’t as suited to situations where specialist parts need to be ordered.
  • For complete peace of mind there is the Full Service, which is a 100% strip-down, clean and check for damage/wear, followed by reassembly using correct lubrication and torque. Depending on the bike this can take a whole day so expect to pay between £30-£50 + cost of parts. Often I can repair components or replace them with second-hand ones if cost is important.
    A full service is recommended if you don’t know a bike’s history, haven’t had it serviced for years or if a bike has several faults; it will turn your bike into something which is a pleasure to use!
  • Fixing broken or worn parts (replaced in most cases, but occasionally I can repair components, for example I’ve welded deraleurs in the past)
  • Punctures repaired
  • Wheel truing
  • Upgrading parts, for example seats, pedals
  • Fitting accessories, for example racks, lights, etc
  • Custom modifications, such as changes to gear ratios. For example 2 rings to 3 rings, 2 ring to single ring, bigger range on rear gears, etc.
  • Servicing ‘Sturmey Archer’ 3-speed hub gears. Later this year I’ll have the knowledge to work on 7-speed sachs units too

I have worked on all types of bike (road / hybrid / mountain / children’s / e-bikes / tandems), ranging from cheap supermarket bikes to high-performance machines, in varying states of decay. I often visit trade shows to keep up with technologies and trends, and have worked with a wide range of technologies, new and old.

I should mention there are a few things I can’t do…

  • My insurance doesn’t permit me to work on electrical circuits on electric bikes (although with BTEC/HNC Electronics qualifications I am certainly capable of this)
  • Frame repairs on carbon/titanium/aluminium bikes
  • Refacing head tubes and bottom brackets. (I don’t have the necessary tools at the moment)

Finally, I can personally recommend…