Apple Mail configuration, and training

Several problems fixed on a neighbour’s Mac Pro:

  • Yahoo mail; continually telling the user that too many unsuccessful logins had been made, making it almost unusable. Also Apple mail which was showing errors. It turns out that these two are tightly related, the Apple Mail application had more then one IMAP account set up [to talk to btinternet’s servers] and one of them was incorrectly configured. Fix the problem and both Apple Mail and Yahoo are now happy 🙂
  • Training on using Apple Mail, especially using attachments. This is something which I needed to train myself on before being able to infer the knowledge to anyone else, but like a lot of “Mac” problems, it really is just a “computer” problem, i.e. there are parallels in the Windows, Linux, Android, and all other operating systems. The only difference is that Apple’s user interface is different. Anyway to cut a long story short, we went through the various ways of doing email attachments, and sent some test emails to prove that everything was working.

Charge for this was £10. There was no travel charge as I was within walking distance of the customer