Acer Aspire repair & check

1603acerlaptop_michaelAn Acer Aspire E1-572P laptop which wasn’t charging.

Normally it’s either the power supply that is broken, or the connector can become un-soldered inside the laptop, but in this case there was a break in the power supply cable.
We could have taped it up but it wouldn’t have looked neat and probably¬† wouldn’t last very long anyway, so a new charger was ordered (¬£7)

Also gave the laptop a quick check-over and service as the owner had concerns about it being virus-free, and also that it was slow. Sure enough we found and removed one virus, and removed sources of potential spyware.
Also made sure the Windows Updates were working, the antivirus software was up to date, and several pieces of potentially vulnerable software were up to date.

Anything else? Oh yes, the owner had forgotten the password to open the laptop. There are ways around this problem, and all is working now