PC factory reset

For some computer problems, doing a ‘factory reset’ is the most cost-effective option. It returns your computer to it’s as-new state, running at full speed and trouble-free.

These are some of the steps I take when doing a factory reset on your computer…

  • Taking a back-up of your data (common files only; photos, documents, favourites/bookmarks, email archives). Note that some types of data cannot be backed up, for example game scores, remembered passwords, unusual data such as SatNav maps, configuration settings of some programs. We will advise in these circumstances
  • Windows re-installation (either from disk or built-in recovery partition). You must own a valid Windows license, usually this means looking at the Microsoft sticker. I can buy a license if you don’t have one, or alternatively l can install a Linux system which doesn’t need a license
  • Driver installation (only necessary if installing Windows from a DVD)
  • Removal of pre-installed bloatware (unnecessary software which sometimes comes pre-installed)
  • Installation of all updates and service-packs
  • Installation of Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash player, LibreOffice office suite, and some antivirus software if appropriate.
  • Restoring your data [which was backed up earlier]
  • An alternative Web browser, if there was originally one installed.
  • Printer software (we can download the software, but it usually needs to be installed at your premises)
  • Disk clean-up & de-fragmentation
  • Physically clean the PC/laptop
  • Take a ‘system image’, which is useful if the computer ever has problems in the future
  • If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, then we can upgrade your computer to Windows 10. This upgrade is free before 29th July 2016

If required I can install additional software (e.g. iTunes, Spotify, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Games, etc). You must be able to provide the original installation disks, or be able to download the software from the Internet. You must own a valid license for any software which requires it.

Do you think the big-name high street shops take this much care?  (they often don’t)