Remote computer assistance

I now offer “remote assistance”, i.e. the ability for me to connect to your computer’s screen. This can be used in a lot of situations to quickly sort out problems.
When we’re finished, the link between me and your computer automatically disappears. There are no programs to install, there’s very little you need to do.

As well as fixing problems, I’ve also done some training using this method, it’s often easier to “show you around” a screen than trying to explain something over the phone!

For remote assistance to work, we need the following 3 things :

  • Your computer must be running Microsoft Windows
  • Your computer needs to be connected to the Internet
  • I need to be in the office

What will it cost?
Some companies will charge stupid amounts for this type of service but I don’t think that’s right, so like most of my work I will charge £10 per hour. (minimum of 15 minutes)

Contact me
to arrange a time which is convenient for us both.
To access your screen I’ll ask you to run this application. If you wish to download it beforehand to save time then please feel free to do so, it might be handy to put it onto your desktop